Tell Your Friends

You - on the bike...

You - on the bike...

Ok you fucking fartsniffers.  Let’s get this god damn show on the road.

I don’t necessarily mind only having, what, 12 readers?  I just feel bad for the 6 of you that have to read this garbage, then hear me tell you the same story in person.

So if you don’t this to get awkward – and I’m not above everyone feel weird – just, ya know, spread the word a little.  Not saying you have to drink any Kool-Aid.  And I’m certainly not sweating myself.  Just maybe see if that MacArthur Grant awarding neighbor of yours wants something to read on the john.

Just remember – first rule of How May I Whelp You is no mention of it on facebook.  Let’s try and not let my boss find out this time around, mmkay?  Thanks for playing!


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